Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Changes,Health Freaks and Arm Wrestling.

It's nearly 5 O'clock in the early evening and already quite dark. The dogs are snoozing after their afternoon walk, whilst they wait for their tea. I found myself with a few minutes to spare, something that doesn't seem to happen lately and thought I would grab a chance to write a quick blog. After one of the best summers that we have had for a long time(relaxation, holidays and time with kids not the weather) we are fast approaching winter. Christmas is not long away and trying to think what form it should take this year is preoccupying my mind lately. We are quite unconventional when it comes to Christmas, only a few traditions are observed, such as the tree and lights. I must admit I do not think I would miss it if it was cancelled but hubby definitely would. The kids are quite indifferent to it too. Cicely is probably the only one who will celebrate it when she moves out.
  This summer has seen transformations to our kids. Eldest son suddenly decided to have his hair cut short only a few days after he had been telling me he probably would not cut it for years because " it was part of his identity". Youngest son has lost weight and gone from being in front of a computer all day to running and going to the gym. I think he has started to notice girls. Our daughter after years of diets and frustration and hating exercise is 45lbs lighter, working out every day and seems quite happy for a teenage girl. Unfortunately this means that there is no chance of sweets, cakes and anything naughty for hubby. He has become used to brown rice but he has held on to his butter and a private stash of crisps. Every fat gram and protein gram is analysed and counted. Punch bags, exercise equipment and weights have taken over the house. I have dropped 25lbs so far and am cycling again. God knows how long the other 30lbs will take but I am slogging on under duress not really enjoying it but feeling compelled through guilt living in a house of health freaks. Who would have thought that this could happen in our house? Hubby is still free to eat whatever he likes and keeps sweet things at work. He is in great shape so does not have the same guilt as I do.
   After doing weights all summer, deadlifting 100 kilos and more, my son decided to challenge me to an arm wrestle. Back in the day I was quite muscular and could usually beat your average man or woman from years of farm work growing up. Thinking I was now old and feeble my son sat down oozing confidence, I guess building sheds, fences and digging over the years has kept me quite strong. I don't know who was more surprised when I beat him. He was quite put out and has challenged me to a retry at Christmas now he has worked out which muscles I must have that are more developed than his that allowed him to be taken out by his mum. He says he will work on these muscles and I will not stand a chance. I haven't laughed so much for ages. I am in two minds whether or not to put in some serious secret training form now until Christmas to make it really hard for him. Cruel I know but I am quite competitive.
   Well it is time to cook the brown rice and beans to go with the low fat chicken and salad. Until next time. Mrs. R.C.